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MrWorker is a web portal where you can find any type of Professional for your Services.

We also provide different type of services in different cities of Pakistan through our Certified Professionals.

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Find the perfect value of your Property Exchange

The more information you have about your property, the better. We know that it's not always easy to find out what condition a property is in, whether there are any problems with the electrical system or if mould has started to grow in a damp area of your house.
- 55K - Satisfied People
- 11K - Verified Property
This is why we offer a Property Exchange service where we can get an independent surveyor to go into your home and give us all the important details for free. Our experts can also help you find out how much you might be able to make against your property and whether renting out rooms will make sense for you financially.

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Jansher JR

Become a Competitive Athlete

Get your Dream body built and live in an extraordinary Lifestyle
Jansher JR is the youngest IFBB athlete currently heading to towards the pro qualifier show . JR have been dieting and training for past 5 years and competing for past few years . Through Jansher's Ascension programs, the goal is to improve one's physique through optimal training and nutrition . It is about getting better; physically , mentally and emotionally .

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First Online Swap platform

Providing swaps over 10 million products online with different consumers to offer their products in exchange.


SealedBidd is an online San Jose local brand to provide the handyman services on the 6th level scale.

SealedBidd even offers long range of workers professionals and services like : Select Homeowner or Contractor.As a Sealedbidd Homeowner you can post projects and receive free bids.As a Contractor / Pro bid on projects near you!Review your Contractor or Pro..

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London Towers

The hub of Luxury Apartments .

Luxury Apartments Available in the heart of London, About 20 minutes to the Gatwick AirPort. Find us and have a look yourself. Bookings are available from as low as you want.

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Enviary is a Multi millionare marketing Company who has clients across the Globe such as Cisco and Oracle.

With clients ranging from high-profile fashion to big Cosmetics retail brands, The Enviary has built a portfolio in several verticals (fashion, food & beverage, and home accessories), across different retail channels.

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